• Since 2010 working as freelance graphic and motion designer
  • 2011-2015 diploma as Motion Designer at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
  • 2006-2010 bachelor degree in communication design in Würzburg.
  • 2009 internship at 2W Media, Munich.
  • 2005 internship at GKK / Scholz & Friends, Frankfurt.
  • 2001-2002 exchange student in the USA.
  • 1984 born in Wiesbaden.
  • Clients: Bosch, Mercedes, Siemens, BMW, Trumpf, DM, Weleda, Trelleborg, MINI, KUKA, ADIDAS, Microsoft...
  • Agencies: Neue Bewegung, Oddity, Strichpunkt, Milla&Partner, megaherz, JO!SCHMID, Bavaria Fernsehproduktion...

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  • work

    The Correct Insult

    Short film about proper insulting.


    If you wish to insult a person, vague generalities are ineffective and often counterproductive. It pays to be as precise and specific as possible. Anyone can launch a barrage. It takes skill to be a marksman of aspersion.


    Personalize and send an insult via:



    Written, directed by Janis Aschberger
    Produced by Felix Faißt
    Narrated by Andrew Golder
    Animation by Janis Aschberger, Paul Kusmaul
    Additional Animation by Fabian Friedrich
    Sounddesign&Mix by Marvin H. Keil
    Music by Manuel Mayer
    Cinematography Julian Steiner


    Excerpted material from HOW TO BE A MAN by Glenn O’Brien, text copyright © 2011 by Glenn O’Brien.

  • work


    Unused animations for a documentary

    We developed a series of sequences to tell a meta story in the documentary about the singer Uffie.

    Client: oval.media


  • work


    Loops for bigFM partys

    Loops for bigFM partys. Animation by me, design by agency.

    Agency: Hochburg

    Client: bigFM



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    A short collection of my works.

    A short collection of my works.

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    Intro and Posterdesign for a TV show produced at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Music by SAM

    Intro for a TV show produced at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The show is about consultants for football-players in the bundesliga.

    I did concept, animation and editing.

    Music by SAM



    Developement of the Logo.



    Final Logo.




    Poster for the show.





    ErsteLiga_Mappe_Version2_Druck3  ErsteLiga_Mappe_Version2_Druck4 ErsteLiga_Mappe_Version2_Druck5

    ErsteLiga_Mappe_Version2_Druck6 ErsteLiga_Mappe_Version2_Druck7 ErsteLiga_Mappe_Version2_Druck8

    Extracts from the Portfolio for sponsors and promoters which I made before the shooting. Printed on Din A3 Spreads and bound into a magazine.



  • work


    Title design for a short film.

    User-Generated-Cinema. A project at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where users could participate in producing movies. I made the intro.





    2 3





  • work


    Corporate Design and animation for communistic party of the future

    Newsintro for a podcast, in which the producers of REDLAND show what’s behind the scenes.




    Propdesign: Coat of Arms for the communist party of Sojos – the futuristic city, in which the series takes place.


    CoA_Redland_developement-01 CoA_Redland_developement-02 CoA_Redland_developement-03 CoA_Redland_developement-04 CoA_Redland_developement-05

    CoA_Redland_developement-06 CoA_Redland_developement-07 CoA_Redland_developement-08 CoA_Redland_developement-09 CoA_Redland-10

    Some steps of the developement of the Coat of Arms.



    Header for facebook.



  • work

    Die dunkle Seite

    means the dark side. Some illustrations that slide and flip and move and shit.

    … means the dark side. Some illustrations that slide and flip and move and stuff. Created for a film that was produced at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

    It’s very dark because it was made for cinema use.




    An early test. Basically, it was supposed to be dark.


    The concept moved towards a mix between live action and and illustrational style.






    Some typography drafts which weren’t used at all.





    Titel_preview-01-02 Titel_preview-01-03 Titel_preview-01-04 Titel_preview-03

    Some Styleframes. The Illustrations are final, the lettering still drafts.





    DVD Design.



  • work


    Brushed steel and wire and alien in texas. Titledesign for a shortfilm by Marta Masferrer.

    Brushed steel and wire and alien in Texas. Titledesign for a shortfilm by Marta Masferrer.



  • work

    A Brief History of Japan

    Project at the Filmakademie which ended up to be short review of dramatic incidents in japanese history. Sorry, Japan. Sounddesign by Lena ZagykianTutor: Eric Bernaud

    Project at the Filmakademie which ended up to be a short review of some dramatic incidents in japanese history. Sorry, Japan.

    Sounddesign by Lena Zagykian

    Tutor: Eric Bernaud




    6647138025_8f4855f437_o   6647141997_d39c25031e_o



  • work


    Experimental short film.

    Experimental short film.

    Gifs taken from here.

    Music: Tatjana Jakob

    Tutor: Olaf Mierau